Dew Sparkles fabric design

Dew Sparkles

What started as a beautifully opportunistic moment with dazzling sunlight refracting off morning dew on a cobweb turned quickly into a fabric design that has already been used to create a range of soft muslin (or silk) scarves, a velvet cushion, designer handbag, occasional chair and a shower curtain…and that’s just for starters.

The “shot” in question was one of several taken on my holiday last week, walking along a path on the Pembrokeshire Farm where we were staying, and at the very moment I took those images, I was already seeing their future potential as so much more than just another art print. Here’s some of the end results and I expect more uses and colour-ways to appear soon (also available as fabric or wallpaper for your own projects).

Dew Sparkles Contemporary Chair in VioletAs a result of my photographic efforts, this Dew Sparkles occasional chair in violet is a colourful contemporary piece full of the depth and radiance that Nature delivers most convincingly. The chair is upholstered in luxurious suede vision fabric with beech wood legs and frame, deep firm foam, wadding and webbing, all hand-stitched and assembled in the UK. The stunning fabric is soft, smooth and luxurious with a slight nap which feels soft against the skin. Colour intensity is bold and bright with crisp outlines and detail. The fabric is water repellent and fire rated with full-colour permanent print. 10-year guarantee on print, manufacturing and finish. All four colour-ways are available and there is also a matching stool.

Dew Sparkles contemporary shower curtainAll of these products and more are available to custom-order from my shop Helen White Designs, with super-speedy turnaround and incredible attention to detail. Delivery is from London UK and is available to anywhere in the world.

So from not-so-humble dewy cobweb to product range in one week, I can’t help wondering if my little Welsh spider knows what part she played in this moment of inspiration. I like to think she feels something on the breeze.

Shop for products at Helen White Designs, home of my photography and fine art inspired fabric, furnishings and accessories.







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