As a professional fine artist working mostly in oil on canvas (viewable on my Helen White website), I take a painterly approach to photography that has developed into its own style over recent years. My photographs have been used for quite a number of commercial applications from books to websites and a carefully selected range are now being introduced to my artist profile at the Bridgeman Library for licensing purposes on an international scale. I remain first point of contact to discuss their commercial use since all copyright is in my name.

Favourite subjects include “the Divine Feminine”, a rather mystical approach to gardens and the landscape and that oh-so  beguiling topic of “light” in all its forms; which has long been the core preoccupation of my painting. I also explore a deep love of architecture and form, deriving many of my shots from travels around the British Isles, Europe and Scandinavia, showcasing those quirks and opportunist moments that convey their own subplot to the keen photographer’s eye. I find patterns everywhere; especially in the close-up details of nature and in moments of intense light. This inspiration stream delivers an abstract side to my work which I am developing more than ever with a view to expanding the range and application of my work.

The photography that is being showcased on this website is of the more pristine variety whereas the far vaster collection can be found in the raw on my long-established Flickr account. In their creation, I have envisioned many of these images in use for a variety of applications, from largescale artworks to fabric and product design. To discuss a whole range of such posibilities, please get in touch via the contact link on this website.


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