Silver ghost

I wasn’t ready for this owl at all; there it was, swooping and landing right behind us in the field as we stood watching a spectacular sunset over the river. The resulting images were blurred, some weren’t even on the “right” setting but what came out of this were some wonderfully painterly shots; the starting point for these finished images.

I’m so taken with the chalky texture of the landscape juxtaposed with the flash of nature’s most ethereal bird that I’ve now turned some of these into fabric designs used for shawls and more, such as the chair as well as prints.


Mellow Autumn

There’s something very special about a garden in October. The ever-present glisten of moisture and early afternoon gloom sometimes work with any remaining colour, collaborating to create something both eerie and spectacular, like fireworks against a dark sky. Add to this the heady scent of damp leaves and bonfires, perhaps a cup of tea to warm cold hands and the chance to have the garden almost completely to yourself and it can be a match for any summer’s day.

© Helen White Photography

Looking back at what we had

Since taking this photograph near my home just a few months ago, the fields around it have come under terrible threat from a huge amount of urban development; adding poignancy to the sacred time I spent beside gentle creatures that I no longer see there. I like to send such images out into the world, not as a nostalgic token of a world gone by but as a proactive reminder that we still have it…at least for now; and that it deserves to be taken far better care of. Let more of us look back at these “views”, not out of nostalgia but in search of guidelines that we can take forward into the future to make sure that we leave more than enough room for the natural world to thrive, threading softly around its spaces. After all, we all stand to lose if we forget this fundamental need for balance combined with respect for the planet that makes it possible for us to be here at all.

The walled garden

“The Walled Garden”, as I tend to think of it (it has another name), is a privatey owned garden in my nearby village which I first visited about twelve or so years ago when it was open as part of a local garden scheme. A change of owners meant I didn’t get to visit for quite a few years, though (being a lover of walled gardens) it had left an impression on me and I often imagined what lay on the other side as I drove past the red brick exterior on my way home. There is such of feeling of gaining access to “the secret garden” to be allowed beyond such a wall…

When I noticed that it was being opened in aid of the Air Ambulance charity just a few weeks ago, I was able to step beyond the wall once again and took these photos on a bright yet not too sunny afternoon (perfect for balanced shots). This collection is the result; an English garden caught at the height of summer in all its colour and texture along with just a touch of the ethereal magic that I associate with such a place.