Silver ghost

I wasn’t ready for this owl at all; there it was, swooping and landing right behind us in the field as we stood watching a spectacular sunset over the river. The resulting images were blurred, some weren’t even on the “right” setting but what came out of this were some wonderfully painterly shots; the starting point for these finished images.

I’m so taken with the chalky texture of the landscape juxtaposed with the flash of nature’s most ethereal bird that I’ve now turned some of these into fabric designs used for shawls and more, such as the chair as well as prints.



An etheral moment of cloudburst that brings the other-worldly into the realms of camera focus; although I admit to having worked to bring this image back to something close to what I saw with my eyes. When I play with a photograph, the long-standing painter in me sets about the task much like I am used to doing with oils; working in layers to refind the colour and nuance that I know is there, dipping my “brush” into these effects to add and remove colour, tone and light just as I would do on a canvas.