Mellow Autumn

There’s something very special about a garden in October. The ever-present glisten of moisture and early afternoon gloom sometimes work with any remaining colour, collaborating to create something both eerie and spectacular, like fireworks against a dark sky. Add to this the heady scent of damp leaves and bonfires, perhaps a cup of tea to warm cold hands and the chance to have the garden almost completely to yourself and it can be a match for any summer’s day.


The walled garden

“The Walled Garden”, as I tend to think of it (it has another name), is a privatey owned garden in my nearby village which I first visited about twelve or so years ago when it was open as part of a local garden scheme. A change of owners meant I didn’t get to visit for quite a few years, though (being a lover of walled gardens) it had left an impression on me and I often imagined what lay on the other side as I drove past the red brick exterior on my way home. There is such of feeling of gaining access to “the secret garden” to be allowed beyond such a wall…

When I noticed that it was being opened in aid of the Air Ambulance charity just a few weeks ago, I was able to step beyond the wall once again and took these photos on a bright yet not too sunny afternoon (perfect for balanced shots). This collection is the result; an English garden caught at the height of summer in all its colour and texture along with just a touch of the ethereal magic that I associate with such a place.