© Helen White Photography

Looking back at what we had

Since taking this photograph near my home just a few months ago, the fields around it have come under terrible threat from a huge amount of urban development; adding poignancy to the sacred time I spent beside gentle creatures that I no longer see there. I like to send such images out into the world, not as a nostalgic token of a world gone by but as a proactive reminder that we still have it…at least for now; and that it deserves to be taken far better care of. Let more of us look back at these “views”, not out of nostalgia but in search of guidelines that we can take forward into the future to make sure that we leave more than enough room for the natural world to thrive, threading softly around its spaces. After all, we all stand to lose if we forget this fundamental need for balance combined with respect for the planet that makes it possible for us to be here at all.