Soft-focus wild flower photograph by Helen White

Fierce beauty VI

A celebration of the Sacred Feminine expressed as the abundant wild flowers growing on the headland close to where Saint Non once lived by the wellhead near the ancient standing stones; birthplace of Saint David. All was movement as the breeze made sure that the grassblades were dancing in a frenzy of activity and yet these floral faces shone out with such steady gazes that conveyed a timeless message of resilience and quiet strength.

Pure white flower in soft focus art photograph

Fierce beauty IV

Perhaps the deep contrasts implied by this subject are what spoke to me most. These tender, unfailingly optimistic flowers grow somewhere that has seen punishing climate and harsh conditions yet they grow on just the same. The vibrantly colourful carpet that they made just yards from a sacred site, birthplace of Saint David to a mother who, they say, was raped and gave birth in a fierce storm when the only place on that clifftop that wasn’t being ravaged by the elements was the small hut in which she was in labour. On seeing the way the rocks on the cliff were so carpeted by their spring colour, I was touched by the deep layers of metaphor in all of this, which spoke of the essence of the Sacred Feminine and all she has been through; how she has remained resilient and optimisic, holding her head up throughout. I found beauty in the contrasts and wanted to convey this in a painterly way.